Wash your face with:

Rub a bit of our Vanilla & Poppy Seed Soap Bar on the middle of a wet 100% Cotton Crocheted Face Cloth, using the texture of the crochet to give your face a gentle, yet effective wash (wash gently in small circles). Do this twice a day (see section below about sensitivity).

In case of sensitivity to the soap:

Some people may experience a bit of sensitivity to the essential oils in the soap, although the skin usually adapts and the sensitivity goes away after about 2 days.
If you are using it twice a day and the sensitivity persists for more than 2 days, try only using the soap at night and instead just use micellar water* on a 100% cotton facial pad to gently cleanse your face in the morning and then follow up with our moisturizer (see next section).

We have some gorgeous reusable facial pads (see below) that you can use with micellar water, and even wash bags to wash them in!
(*various types of micellar water available, e.g. at Clicks, or Rain sells a locally produced one.)

Moisturize with:

After washing your face, follow up with our face cream for oily to normal skin (contains clary sage essential oil).
Apply little bits at a time and rub in gently until you have applied it to your whole face.
If you have some pesky wrinkles, we suggest you massage those a bit when applying the cream 🙂


Vanilla & Poppy Seed Soap:

Normal – Oily Skin (Clary Sage) Face Cream: